Sunday, January 30, 2011

The visit of Lady Spring

The spring visited us for three days. All the white snow on the trees that had been there since November fell down so they looked really naked. The warm temperature is good because the snow get pressed and makes it easier to ski on when it gets colder again. I love it when the crust gets so hard that you can walk and play everywhere on it. I even play a kind of softball with skis with my students if it's enough with crust.

The warm temperature makes everybody thirsty and they were so grateful when I came with some water.

I hope you can imagine their arms hanging around their friends shoulders.

This was Friday and now it's -12°C and I wouldn't recommend this T-shirt player to have the same clothes today.


Jill said...

What fun! I imagine your students adore you Ella.

We are expecting an ice storm tonight. I am eager to see if it actually arrives. I do not like ice storms...would much rather have snow.

Deidra said...

Your students will always remember you as one of the their very favorite teachers! I am sure of it! Even without seeing their faces, it's clear they are truly enjoying themselves and the experiences you create for them.

That last photo takes my breath away. It is simple and rich. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you are not feeling well. wishing you a speedy recovery.

Ella said...

Hear on the news that there's a tough weather situation in many states of the US so I hope you're all right.

My stubborn cold doesn't want to leave, but I shouldn't be whining, it could have been worse.