Monday, July 30, 2012

A man from Idaho makes my dinner

- I've decided what we'll have for dinner, my daughter told me today!

Yes! I thought and off we went to buy what we needed at the store. But she wasn't sure about if we were going to have parsley or cilantro. We bought parsley but after watching the film again we realized that it should have been the cilantro...

The thing is that she made this only by watching Shayloss with Shaytard. She watched and stopped when it was necessary and it became very good result. I know that both my teenagers have followed Shay and his family on their vloggs a long time and I think they learn a lot of English thanks to it but learning about some healthy food is also very good. 

Here is Shay Tard's vlogg where he makes the dinner that I have been eating today. 

They have decided to have meatless Mondays, which I think is a very good idea that they will inspire others to, but I've had some thoughts about adults like Shay and his wife that show the life of their own children so much.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colors by the lake

It was a little windy so the most safety place for barbecue was on the shore.

The weather has been filled with both rain and sun but this was the first time that I saw the rainbow this summer. Maybe someone would like to dive for some gold here....

A late walk to get my daughter back home from her friend, the had planed to take a bath at the sauna by the lake but I think they changed their mind as the temperature outside only was about 53°F.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog holiday

I can't say that I'm too busy on my holiday so I won't be able to do something on the blog, I guess it's more like my blogging is also taken a holiday...

But yesterday night when I made a visit to our outhouse at the shore there was a beautiful light between the clouds. I just had to go back to the cottage for my camera and catch it. As you see we're still having our light summer nights but as August comes closer there will be darker and darker.

Have been spending more time than ever in our house in the city this summer and taken care of the house and the garden, but it's always wonderful to come to the little village where we have our lake house.