Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Spent Mothers Day at my parents sea house this weekend and it was like a visit in July as we usually come here later on the summer holiday. The weather was much warmer than it's now, so it was really like a taste of summer for three days.

I'm in that "Lack of time period" right now so the blog life will perhaps be a little sporadically some weeks until our summer holiday will start.

Maybe someone remember my post about Loreen, the singer who won the Swedish part of Eurovision song contest. She went to Baku in Azerbaijan - AND BEAT THE WHOLE EUROPE, like ABBA did with Waterloo many years ago!
So here she comes again with her song Euphoria, live from the Grand Final.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Enough is enough

No more tears with Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand (click to listen)
 Born in the sixties, grew up in the seventies - I didn't keep away from the great Disco era, and I never wanted to. Even though I remember my parents point of view about it. They thought it was a strange dance where you stood in front of your dancing partner making moves without touching each other. They grew up with the foxtrot and jive and I've also learned that which am glad for. But the disco was something special and all the wonderful music.....

Barbara Streisand has followed me from the disco to the musicals and i love her voice and I understand that she was a shocked  and sad about the news of Donna Summers  death.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My cold and Ally

Snow is almost gone and the grass gets greener every day, but I have had a cold this week and mostly been inside feeling sorry for myself. I have been able to do some housework but after a while I have ended in the sofa watching Ally Mc Beal. I was totally obsessed of that show ten years ago. Have thought about it very much,  what was it that fascinated me so much. I guess it was many things but first of all the crazy humor. I also think that it represented a kind of lifestyle that was so far from my own and nothing I dreamed about to achieve but even though I could dream away with. I hope you understand the difference. I have three seasons of it on DVD and when I get ill with cold or fever I take my Ally Mc Beal and watch it for hours.

Today I forced myself to get out of the house to take a breath and also the camera. Both the fresh air and the small signs of a upcoming season made me feel better. But I'm still not ready with Ally for this time...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stubborn jump ball

We were out for a walk along the river when we discovered this black jump ball in the water fall. We stopped and watched it a long time. There was a white skull printed on it. Both me and my husband realized that it would be a great shot if we could get it. But when we picked up our mobiles to get a photo the ball just showed us the black side. We waited and waited..... the ball stood just still in the water. I thought it was a amazing as the water was everything but still!

Finally when we got tired and wanted to continue the walk we were out for, we put the mobiles in the pockets again

- Yes, of course! The ball turned around and showed us the skull and I thought the dead head laughed at us....

This was the best I could get. Thought about going back with my camera and a great patience, but other things came up.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birth Day Cake at Walpurgis Night

It's The last day of April, also called Valborg and we're on our way to the  the bonfire, celebrating that Spring is on it's way. Well, that's the official reason, but we have actually been celebrating something more important! We have been eating a real Birth Day cake to celebrate a little newborn boy,  a cousin to my children. His mother and very proud sisters made the cake. 

We've been together with my siblings and their families for many years at Valborg and now we have one more reason to come together. This year we brought, fruits, food and other things his parents needed. We even sent a nanny! (My oldest daughter visited them two days before us). But next year we promise to bring birthday presents to the boy himself....

In a couple of years the baby boy will be running around jumping over small ditches, playing in the mud and admiring the fire with a sister or cousin at his side.