Sunday, July 24, 2011

Singing in Church

In church today the priest talked about places that had meant much for us, maybe the church we went to when we grew up. I looked around at the people and realized that most of them have visited this church since they were very young, included my husband and our children. I was about 25 when I first came here but I liked it so much so when we started to plan for our wedding it felt natural to do it here. We usually go here at Easter and in the summertime because it's close to our lake house. 

I have also been singing in the little "Summer Choir" some years. But that is very, very amateur, as we rehearse on Thursday evening the songs we're going to sing on Sunday so anyone who're visiting the village can join  us. Sometimes we're only three but today we had a special song worship and were so lucky to be six! We sang songs we've been singing through the years and I'm so grateful that we sang my favorite at the end. Gabriellas Song was written for a Swedish film and Helen Sjöholm did the acting and singing. Her character is a young mother with a husband who didn't treat her well. It was very touching to this song and I think that we all had many feelings when we loudly sang the last line. I can't give you our version..... But if you want to listen to a the really good singer and se this part from the film  with Helen Sjöholm singing Gabriellas Song , please do!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer greetings

I had no planes to have a break on this blog but there has been a lot of activities with the family. We're spending our time at the lake house and by the sea and the weather has been really good the last weeks.

I won't write so much this time, only show some photos. But I hope you are all right and I'm gonna jump over to your sites and check out what you have been up to. 

We call these berries "hjortron" but in English they have different names and I think cloudberry or bakeapple are most common.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Morning walks

I love my morning walks along the river and I want to share it with you. It takes about 50 minutes (if I don't stop and take so many photos like I did this morning...) So, put on your walking shoes and come with me!

 A bench to sit and admire the river
 The Museum 

 A gazebo beside an old public house
 The old shop and cafe
 Outdoor scene

 Back to the river delta and almost home...
and the family I meet almost every morning!