Monday, November 29, 2010

5°F outside and fever inside

Christmas is coming and I'm in bed with a stubborn cold. I usually complain when my husband snores when he's sleeping but this night I have been snoring terrible...

I'm gonna take it easy today, sleeping, resting, reading, writing and watching films. Oh my G.. it seems like a feel-good-day instead of a day with illness. But the thing is that I never permit myself to do all this things when I am healthy.

The photos above this text are from the website of the shop of my sister. My sister's name is Lotta and she got into this two years ago. I admire her very much for taking this chance and doing this together with her companion. I'll guess that you probably won't visit her even if my daily newspaper suggested that we could go to to NY for christmas shopping and I suppose it's the same distance from Sweden to NY as from NY to Sweden...
The shop has so many lovely things this year and I must tell you that the white breadbox is mine now. I have been searching for it for years but the one I have seen earlier have been to small, wrong colors ore not as practical to use every day. Here comes some more photos from the shop that I took some weeks ago.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

You have to be there

I thought about this song while I was writing and thinking about Frida, the mother of my grandfather who did the same travel as Kristina in Kristina from Duvemåla. They left their country for dreams, hope and another life far far away. This is one of the strongest musical songs I know and Helen Sjöholm has a wonderful voice. Her cooporation with Björn and Benny from the group ABBA has been very successful.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Moonlight on The White Mountain

My husband has been out three times earlier this
week and yesterday evening he asked me to join
him on a cross country trip. I was tired and tried
all excuses for not going with him. Finally my
seventeen daughter told me that I really should
go and that she could get little sister to bed.

Out there in the darkness I was so pleased.
So stupid of me to say no to this marvelous
experience. It was like a visit in the land of
Narnia just waiting for Aslan to show up
behind the trees.

The lamps above the tracks but also the moonlight
lit up the snow covered firs and it felt peacefully magic.

It has became very popular to go here but this late evening
there were just a few other skiers. But this man is my Man and
companion in life and we both share this passion for skiing.

This was the first time this winter and I'm shore that it will be more...

I gave my daughter a big hug when we got home and thanked her for
pushing me because she know me so well and she realized that I should
love it when I was out there on my skis.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


The plan was to search for more information before I wrote this post. I have so many questions and thoughts about this young lady. The photo has been on the wall at my parents home as long as I can remember. Her manner of looking so determined, not into the camera but for something else instead. I wonder how old she was, where she was and what dreams she had when this photo was taken. Because there are things I know about her. She gave birth to many children and one of them was the father of my father. Her name was Frida and the thing about her that now puts her on this blog is that she emigrated to America when she was young. Not only once, my father told me when I asked about her, she did it twice. But even the second time she of some reason returned to her little village in Sweden again. Nowadays these traveling over the Atlantic Ocean wouldn't be so much to mention, but this was one hundred years ago. I will ask my father and my aunts for more information and continue this story.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feelings of Christmas in November

One more week with chill and it seems that it has come to stay.

More photos from the forest behind the school when I was there with my younger class
on Tuesday. I wish so much that we won't get any snow so I can show

this traces of a venison family for my own class tomorrow. We have been talking about how we should be dressed to keep our bodies warm with the right kind of clothes when we're out now. Otherwise we'll be getting cold and the snow will melt when we sit on it. But the venison doesn't have an clothes...

There have been years when November has been dark and rainy, but not this year and it makes me fell so good!!

Some of the students get to school with their kicks.

Before we get in the car to go home I just had to catch the moon and the purple sky.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Library and Wes Moore

This place is a favorite of mine. I came here about once a month and read magazines,

and borrow books.

Some weeks ago I read a blogpost by Nelle, at Stone Hill Farm, where she wrote about a Book Club. They had been reading The Other Wes Moore. It caught my interest and I read some more about it and saw some interviews with the writer on the internet. I also decided to ask for the book the next time I visit the library. As expected it wasn't translated into Swedish but they didn't have it in English either.
- Do you think it's possible that you could order it in English? I hesitantly asked the librarian.
- Well, perhaps we can, she answered and I understood that she had to ask someone else. But she took my email. And I must admit that I was very surprised two weeks later when I got a mail from the library that I had a book waiting for me there.

I'm only in the beginning of the book but I like it so far. The story is very fascinating.

Thanks Nelle!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The last lesson every week

Two days of snowing this week and it's full winter here now.
My class spend the last lesson every Friday outside. The subject is physical
education but also a combination with nature study. We play games, go for a walk, skate and ski depending on the season. Behind the red school building there's a forest and the last five minutes before we wish each other a happy weekend we sit quiet together on a long dead, dried stock listening and watching things happening around us. Today we both saw and heard a flock of geese that probably were traveling to the south.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A visit by Mr Frost and Mrs Snow

My husband was catching fishes and I was just taking a walk to get some fresh air and trying to catch some pics. My catching was more successful than his. The frosty branch was taken yesterday inspired by Bill from Gowganda. Our daughter saw his photo some days ago and thought it looked like coconut flings. When I was inside cooking she ordered me to come out and take a photo of the branch in our garden.
- It looks like the one on your computer!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A beautiful song for a future Queen

The summer of 2010 will be remembered as the Wedding-summer in Sweden. That's because our Crown Princess Victoria married her Daniel Westling. In the church there were two popular swedish artists singing a song which was composed for this occasion. Maybe you remember the song Hooked on a feeling from 1974. It was a young Björn Skifs who did a cover of that song than.

I don't know what you think about monarchy but I think that Victoria is a very good person representing Sweden because, as we say in Sweden, she stands with both feet on the ground. She doesn't feel like a rich spoiled person even if she has grown up as a princess.

I usually don't write about designing cloths, there are so many others doing that much better, but this is an exception. I really loved her wedding dress, it was so beautiful even if it was simple and clean. The designer was Pär Engsheden.