Monday, November 22, 2010

Moonlight on The White Mountain

My husband has been out three times earlier this
week and yesterday evening he asked me to join
him on a cross country trip. I was tired and tried
all excuses for not going with him. Finally my
seventeen daughter told me that I really should
go and that she could get little sister to bed.

Out there in the darkness I was so pleased.
So stupid of me to say no to this marvelous
experience. It was like a visit in the land of
Narnia just waiting for Aslan to show up
behind the trees.

The lamps above the tracks but also the moonlight
lit up the snow covered firs and it felt peacefully magic.

It has became very popular to go here but this late evening
there were just a few other skiers. But this man is my Man and
companion in life and we both share this passion for skiing.

This was the first time this winter and I'm shore that it will be more...

I gave my daughter a big hug when we got home and thanked her for
pushing me because she know me so well and she realized that I should
love it when I was out there on my skis.


JMW said...

I have always wanted to learn how to cross country ski. Alas, I live in the southern portion of the U.S., and while we do get snow, it's not enough to merit buying skis (And I don't get to travel enough to ski resorts). Enjoy your time in the beautiful snowy landscape!

Jill said...

Ella! What a wonderful way to spend your evening! So beautiful with all the snow...Narnia most certainly!