Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feelings of Christmas in November

One more week with chill and it seems that it has come to stay.

More photos from the forest behind the school when I was there with my younger class
on Tuesday. I wish so much that we won't get any snow so I can show

this traces of a venison family for my own class tomorrow. We have been talking about how we should be dressed to keep our bodies warm with the right kind of clothes when we're out now. Otherwise we'll be getting cold and the snow will melt when we sit on it. But the venison doesn't have an clothes...

There have been years when November has been dark and rainy, but not this year and it makes me fell so good!!

Some of the students get to school with their kicks.

Before we get in the car to go home I just had to catch the moon and the purple sky.

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