Sunday, November 7, 2010

A visit by Mr Frost and Mrs Snow

My husband was catching fishes and I was just taking a walk to get some fresh air and trying to catch some pics. My catching was more successful than his. The frosty branch was taken yesterday inspired by Bill from Gowganda. Our daughter saw his photo some days ago and thought it looked like coconut flings. When I was inside cooking she ordered me to come out and take a photo of the branch in our garden.
- It looks like the one on your computer!


JMW said...

My husband loves to fly fish, so I bet he would be envious of this photo of your husband fishing amid a snowy landscape. I saw your comment that you can only get Starbucks when you leave the country. We'll have to urge Starbucks to bring a store to your country!

Jill said...

Lovely photographs! And the frosted branch is brilliant. I bet that water was QUITE cold for fishing.