Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome back Mr Obama

The US President Barack Obama left Sweden after 24 hours in Stockholm. In his speech to our Prime Minister he said that he would like to come back some day and bring his family. I guess that is a polite phrase that he always use.

Even though I couldn't stop thinking about his words and I really wish that he could come back some day. I know that he has chosen his life but I wish him to came here as a "free man", without all the security people and walk out alone in the forest. Maybe visit a water spring where he could drink the clean water or sit on the shore and listen to the waves. 

Maybe he could witness his children or grandchildren among the blue berries with bleu colored lips or

have some raspberry pie with berries that he have picked together with his family.

While I'm writing down my made-up story he has some very difficult decisions to consider in the near future as the world is so complicated...