Monday, October 29, 2012

Seeking the roots

Yesterday I saw the start of the seconds season of the reality show Anything for Sweden. I followed the first season where ten  American participants return to a country that someone of their ancestors had left for about 100 years ago. Most of the ancestors had left a country that suffered with crop failure for a land where everything was possible and sometimes their only hope.

It sounds amazing but one in five residents left Sweden from 1800-1920 which was about 1.3 million, but some of them went back after some years like my grandfathers mother Frida


There are very much of emotions in the TV program when they get a chance to know more about the places and life that their ancestors had left. The winner on the first season was the charming priest Brian Gerard who talks about his experiences in the show Great Day Live

Friday, October 19, 2012

From one week to another

Going to work with the bike takes about 40 minutes so I have to get up quite early to be in time, and that wasn't any problem when it was as sunny and light as it was the morning when I stopped and took this photo. I really appreciate these mornings and even if I get a bit tired it also gives me energy for all I have to deal with during a day at school.

Sometimes I go by car with my husband (his working in the same direction), but with the bike hanging in the back of the car so I can take it when I go home in the afternoon. I guess that will be more common to me now as it's dark now in the mornings. But I have decided to make the bike more safe and put on the winter tires so I can handle the snow and ice....

......because that is what we have had in the beginning of this week. But now the snow is gone and I'm looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Favorite place in October

I'm catching a moment when my youngest and I took the bikes and got out on this small island on the river. It was a  sunny Saturday and we brought some lunch and hot chocolate with us. I wanted to show her this wonderful place not far away from our house. I told her that I have been here all by myself earlier but now I enjoyed having her with me. We watched the migratory birds far away exercising for their long flying trip to warmer places. I love to come here especially in the autumn and now I remember that I also had written about it on the blog

This photo of my legs is from that post two years ago,  I still have those trousers when I'm out....