Monday, October 29, 2012

Seeking the roots

Yesterday I saw the start of the seconds season of the reality show Anything for Sweden. I followed the first season where ten  American participants return to a country that someone of their ancestors had left for about 100 years ago. Most of the ancestors had left a country that suffered with crop failure for a land where everything was possible and sometimes their only hope.

It sounds amazing but one in five residents left Sweden from 1800-1920 which was about 1.3 million, but some of them went back after some years like my grandfathers mother Frida


There are very much of emotions in the TV program when they get a chance to know more about the places and life that their ancestors had left. The winner on the first season was the charming priest Brian Gerard who talks about his experiences in the show Great Day Live


patty said...

wow, that sounds like such an interesting show! I have been back to the Netherlands twice and found it very enriching. Both of my grandfathers were born there (as well as the parents of my grandmothers) and one went with us on one of the trips. I was a little too young to appreciate the specialness of that at the time... I think roots are a wonderful thing!!

Ms. Becky said...

what an interesting sounding show. I'm intrigued by your grandmother leaving Sweden twice and moving back. That must have created hardships in traveling those distances so many years ago. I have great admiration for those who made the journey.
The light in your first photo is spellbinding. Happy Thursday to you Ella.

Joyce Schwab said...

Sounds like a reality show that is actually worth watching (there are a few among the masses). Love the pic of your ancestor too.

JMW said...

This sounds like a much more worthwhile show compared to the many reality shows we have here. The drivel that makes TV here is a sad statement on our society at times. Hope you are doing well!

Don said...

I'm liking that first photo!