Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Show on ice

My own princesses are hockey players but we know some children who are figure skaters and they had a show last weekend. I brought my camera just to try to get some shots far away from a moving object! It wasn't easy and most of the photos are now in the "bin" but I got a few that I have saved (and played with a little). 

I'm so very glad that I started this blog that means tremendously to me and has developed both my English and my photography. I know that there's so much more to learn in both cases but I guess that is the challenge, you never get skilled enough. 

But the most wonderful thing with the blog will always be the experience that there is someone else out there who wants to read my words, watch my photos and sometimes even write a comment. Thanks!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring for a week

We have put our skis on the shelves and slowly got accustomed to the thought that spring is here. Signs of that in our house are besides flowers in the garden and bicycle care also the typical stack of winter clothes and equipments at the staircase waiting for someone who takes them down to the summer-keeping. There is a lot of things to do but I get a very relieved and pleased when it's done every year. Sometimes I get a feeling that this time of the year would be the time for a New Year to start. Now is the time when the nature wake up after the winter and start a new life and we beguine with new things and have expectations of what will come. These photos was taken about a week ago.


...sometimes, like this year we got a setback and the crocuses are now covered with snow again. Almost everyone are complaining about this, but there's nothing we can do about it so I have decided to just except it and do things that I have neglected in the house and if I want to dream of garden chores I just visit some blogs from other places where the spring has come (and stayed!)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bear tracks

Two of my children and my husband drove around with the snowmobiles and found this track some days ago. We had heard that other people had seen tracks on different places but it's always something special to see it with your own eyes. Someone had discovered that one bear had been sleeping on a marsh only covered with snow, I guess it was a male. The females need a den if she's giving birth to cubs.

There hadn't ben any snowing lately but the tracks couldn't be so old, maybe a day or two.

As I told you I wasn't with them on this trip, it's my husband who took these, but I promise! I have his permission to show them on my blog (that's what marriage is all about...)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A little glimpse of Easter Holiday

Happy Easter to you all!

We're spending some days again in winter land,

taking skis or snowmobile  to get things done and

we're back to "life of basic".

Eating food like the men working in the forest used to eat long before anyone 
talked about "low fat" and cholesterol.

Having a lot of time together which I appreciate so much.

We even have time to watch the moon rising on the other side of the lake.