Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Show on ice

My own princesses are hockey players but we know some children who are figure skaters and they had a show last weekend. I brought my camera just to try to get some shots far away from a moving object! It wasn't easy and most of the photos are now in the "bin" but I got a few that I have saved (and played with a little). 

I'm so very glad that I started this blog that means tremendously to me and has developed both my English and my photography. I know that there's so much more to learn in both cases but I guess that is the challenge, you never get skilled enough. 

But the most wonderful thing with the blog will always be the experience that there is someone else out there who wants to read my words, watch my photos and sometimes even write a comment. Thanks!


Inger said...

Jag blev sa glad nar du kommenterade pa min blog idag. Och jag ville tala om att mina blommor till Leontien var verkligen en svensk midsommar bukett fran 2005, da jag plockade sju blommer pa angarna i Sormland. Eftersom jag ar gift, sa satte jag dem i en vas och jag tycker mycket om den bilden sjalv. Den paminner mig om det vackra i Sverige i juni. Jag ska folja din blogg nu.

Ms. Becky said...

yours is one of my favorite blogs. ever. I love what you share, both your writing and your photos. I especially like the first photo today, all the little princesses. happy day to you Ella.

joyce said...

I like reading your blog because your lifestyle, though so far away, is so very similar to mine...almost every blog I read I can identify with, this time, its the kids who are hockey players (and the mom in this you play hockey too?)