Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sneaking in others garden

Morning in october with long shadows
Have been living in "my" town for about twenty years now but I still have thoughts about where I belong. When I visit my parents and siblings families who live in the village where I grew up it usually feels like I'm "coming home" and I think that I always have had some thoughts about going back ...some day.

A place for barbecue with friends

But something, I'm not shore about what it is, has begun to change. I remember my thoughts that Sunday morning when I did this walk through an area that I hadn't discovered before. I had passed it with the car hundreds of times, but too far away to really see the beauty. I realized that knowing a new place, even after twenty years, takes time and demands that you discover it from new perspectives. 

Have seen these allotments (community gardens) from a long distance but this morning I decided to walk close and take a look.  It was early and none of the owners where there and it wasn't any fence around it or signs about "unauthorized take no access!" So I walked around, enjoyed it very much and took some photos. But I couldn't help that I felt like a little snooper. 

I didn't plan this walk, I just got here so I only had my mobile to take the photos but I'm glad that I have it when there are occasions like this that I run in to something that means a lot to me.

Some allotments in other towns also have small cottages but this one only have gardens, but many of them had chairs and benches which was a surprise for me. I thought that they only cultured vegetables. But with so many beautiful flowers they must have something to sit on to admire it all. I guess this is a great possibility for those who live in apartments and now can have there own garden.

I guess that all community activities demands cooperation and this sign was about a "cleaning-day" to get together and also to eat hot-dogs!

Fall is here and we have had the first frosty mornings, my blogging has been a bit temporary as there are a lot of things going on but I'm thinking about you all my readers and wishing you all the best.