Monday, August 12, 2013

Evening run with long legs

I usually run after breakfast at 8.30 but today I couldn't make it until 8.30 in the evening. As you see we still have the light evenings but the shadows get very long and the darker autum is soon coming.

I've always wished that I got long legs, but this is perhaps too much...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Holliday is over

Only one day left now and than it will be a year to the next summer Holliday! But I will be at home my first day "at work" as we're going to be here in my house. We're about twenty persons so I'm hoping for a sunny weather so we can be sitting out in the garden.

I've really enjoyed this summer. It's been a lot of work with the house as changing windows, painting and gardering, but also a lot of the time with the family. 

I'm not so found of Coca Cola but when there was a really hot day I just had to take a glass with much of ice and it tasted really good. But the cold shower wasn't bad either....