Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last weekend

Soon it's a new weekend and I have many expectations for it. Sometimes there are so many plans and ideas that I'm really tired when it's Sunday evening, even if I haven't done all that I wanted to do. Last weekend was so fantastic as the weather lured me to be outside. I worked in the garden, but I also had my coffee (and some ice cream) on the porch.

I got some ideas about things I will do for next summer. Plants and flowers that I will give new places as they have grown and became to big. So I took some photos so I will remember my plans.

My son found this old bike in the forest last summer. It's been placed in our storage the whole winter, when the summer came he cycled... but it wasn't  traffic safe. So I thought it was a good idea to protect my son and transform the bike to a garden decoration.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Five years ago

Last weekend I started to look back on my older posts from this blog. It was like a travel through the time and I enjoyed it very much. I felt proud of myself and all the photos and words that I had shared with my readers. But the absolutely number one of great feelings was when I read the supporting and interesting comments. I realize now how much they have meant for me these years. The second post on this blog was written in Swedish, but I will try to translate it for you.


We can have a feeling of what will come, presage what will happen - but the truth is that we'll never know for sure. The most fantastic and unbelievable could come with happiness. But unfortunately there could also be something sad waiting around the corner. 

But our lives would be unbearable if we wouldn't be able to make plans for a day tomorrow that mostly meet us with happiness.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Writing again

It's been so long since I visited my own blog and I thought I had almost forgot how to do. I've missed it a lot, mostly for the contact I got with people around the world. My job and family has been my priority this last year, and they are still very important but as my children grew older (one of them have left the house) I feel that I got more time for myself and my interests. 

I really hope that this can be a new start on the blog and I look forward to catch up with the blogs that I followed before I left cyber space. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Candy for me

Haven't been eating candy since New Years Eve as a kind of agreement with my youngest daughter. I think Sweden is the country where we eat most candy in the world per capita. So it was a bit tough in the beginning, but now I've lost that "sugar-desire" and instead I eat nuts, fruit or berries. 

Now it's the best time of the year when I can pick them in my own garden and they are completely free. The only fruits I still buy at the store are bananas.

It's the first time in my life that I also grew carrots, lettuce and beans. 

The apples are not ready yet but soon we will have plenty of them and I think we will make a kind of juice with them. We have had the hottest summer for many years. I've been sitting in the shadow of apple trees reading books and that has been a new experience for someone like me who always have adored the sun. I still do, but I prefer to be near the sea when the degrees are about 30 C/ 86 F.

Hope you also have had a wonderful summer!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Many things to celebrate

We have had many reasons to celebrate this summer. First my son graduated and that happened just as he also got an employment as a plumber at the company that he had been working at during his education. We are so pleased and happy for his sake. But it's very hard to understand how the years run so fast, I think it's just recently he was about three years and playing with his small tractors and cars.... now his "playing" with his big cars...

Talking about years! It's been twenty years since we became man and wife in this church. Twenty years with ups and downs like many others. We went to a restaurant and had a wonderful dinner the special day but the most important is that we have had many wonderful moments the whole summer the two of us, but also together with our children.

This last year I've been running, cycling, walking a lot and at the same time trying to eat more healthy. So when we celebrated my husband's fiftieth birthday I had a surprise for him and his parents. First I must tell you that we took over the house from my parents in law many years ago. They didn't have place for all their furnitures in their new flat so they lefts some of it. But my mother in law also left some old dresses in the storage and some of them has been used as costumes for masquerades.  I have always admired one of them very much. My father in law (85 years this summer) bought the  fabric in Asia when he was on business travel in the late sixties. She took it to a seamstress and I have always thought that she must have been very slim and beautiful in that dress about 45 years ago. 

In my dreams I wished that I maybe some day could wear it....

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Dandelions are shining

The spring is here and the Dandellions are shining like small suns and I'm also "shining" when I can get on my bike to get to work every day. I have to get up a little earlier to be there in time, but it's worth it. Right now I'm looking forward to the weekend with long walks along the river and some work in the garden.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


This isn't the most beautiful photo I've showed on the blog. But it is the sweetest little toilet and the subject is very important. We had a visitor in my classroom talking to the children about the only globe we're having and how important it is to make the right decisions when we buy new things and when the recently "new thing" become garbage. 

The "game" on the floor showed all the choses we have to do before we throw away things. All of us in the classroom got different things like:  mobile, gift wrap, a battery, a t-shirt, juice-package, newspaper..... 

We have  two different bins outside the houses, the brown for food wastes and the green for things that will be burned. The food wastes will become biogas here in our town and will be used for buses and cars. The things in the green bin will go to another town where they burn it and have very good purification of the toxic gases. The heat will warm a lot of houses in that town.

The children were very interested and had so many good questions and opinions.