Friday, October 16, 2015

Five years ago

Last weekend I started to look back on my older posts from this blog. It was like a travel through the time and I enjoyed it very much. I felt proud of myself and all the photos and words that I had shared with my readers. But the absolutely number one of great feelings was when I read the supporting and interesting comments. I realize now how much they have meant for me these years. The second post on this blog was written in Swedish, but I will try to translate it for you.


We can have a feeling of what will come, presage what will happen - but the truth is that we'll never know for sure. The most fantastic and unbelievable could come with happiness. But unfortunately there could also be something sad waiting around the corner. 

But our lives would be unbearable if we wouldn't be able to make plans for a day tomorrow that mostly meet us with happiness.


patty said...

Ella, I feel the same way! Each blog post is just one, but when you look at the whole, it's amazing all that you have shared. And it's published for all to see! A new form of creativity that has happened only recently in our lifetime. And, yes, the comments. Priceless!

joyce said...

Though I come and go, when I am gone I always look forward to blogging again. Have you ever given thought to printing your blog? there are several online companies that do it, I did mine a few years back, its really like a journal and you have the option of including the comments or leaving them out.

Ella said...

Yes, Joyce I have thought about that idea and I would absolutely include the comments as they feel like one part of the blog.