Saturday, August 2, 2014

Many things to celebrate

We have had many reasons to celebrate this summer. First my son graduated and that happened just as he also got an employment as a plumber at the company that he had been working at during his education. We are so pleased and happy for his sake. But it's very hard to understand how the years run so fast, I think it's just recently he was about three years and playing with his small tractors and cars.... now his "playing" with his big cars...

Talking about years! It's been twenty years since we became man and wife in this church. Twenty years with ups and downs like many others. We went to a restaurant and had a wonderful dinner the special day but the most important is that we have had many wonderful moments the whole summer the two of us, but also together with our children.

This last year I've been running, cycling, walking a lot and at the same time trying to eat more healthy. So when we celebrated my husband's fiftieth birthday I had a surprise for him and his parents. First I must tell you that we took over the house from my parents in law many years ago. They didn't have place for all their furnitures in their new flat so they lefts some of it. But my mother in law also left some old dresses in the storage and some of them has been used as costumes for masquerades.  I have always admired one of them very much. My father in law (85 years this summer) bought the  fabric in Asia when he was on business travel in the late sixties. She took it to a seamstress and I have always thought that she must have been very slim and beautiful in that dress about 45 years ago. 

In my dreams I wished that I maybe some day could wear it....

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patty said...

Ahhh, what a very special and meaningful dress - so beautiful and wonderful you could give it new life!

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary.... time certainly does fly. We just celebrated 36 and I have no idea where the years have gone.

And how wonderful that your son already has employment. He must be a very good worker!!