Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bear tracks

Two of my children and my husband drove around with the snowmobiles and found this track some days ago. We had heard that other people had seen tracks on different places but it's always something special to see it with your own eyes. Someone had discovered that one bear had been sleeping on a marsh only covered with snow, I guess it was a male. The females need a den if she's giving birth to cubs.

There hadn't ben any snowing lately but the tracks couldn't be so old, maybe a day or two.

As I told you I wasn't with them on this trip, it's my husband who took these, but I promise! I have his permission to show them on my blog (that's what marriage is all about...)


Barbara said...

I love the new header Ella!

It must be a bit unnerving to find bear tracks, at least it would be for me.

ML said...

It must be exciting to see bear tracks in the neighbourhood.
I can imagine that I would be very nervous an little bit anxious to know that a bear is living near my home.
You are a lucky person, Ella.

patty said...

Yikes - those are some big prints!! We are always a little nervous hiking where we know there are bears because they are, well, unpredictable!

joyce said...

I think (and hope) that they are still hibernating here, but if they are, I imagine they'll be out soon. I like the shot of the tracks "walking" away.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

OH my! THEY are big prints! VERY impressive!