Saturday, November 27, 2010

You have to be there

I thought about this song while I was writing and thinking about Frida, the mother of my grandfather who did the same travel as Kristina in Kristina from Duvemåla. They left their country for dreams, hope and another life far far away. This is one of the strongest musical songs I know and Helen Sjöholm has a wonderful voice. Her cooporation with Björn and Benny from the group ABBA has been very successful.


Bart Boehlert said...

Hi Ella,
The music is beautiful! I was not familiar with the singer, and it is nice to be introduced.
I hope you are feeling better!

Ella said...

Hi Bart,
I am so happy that you like this song. I have been working but I have almost lost my voice and it is very difficult to be silent when you work with children.