Sunday, November 21, 2010


The plan was to search for more information before I wrote this post. I have so many questions and thoughts about this young lady. The photo has been on the wall at my parents home as long as I can remember. Her manner of looking so determined, not into the camera but for something else instead. I wonder how old she was, where she was and what dreams she had when this photo was taken. Because there are things I know about her. She gave birth to many children and one of them was the father of my father. Her name was Frida and the thing about her that now puts her on this blog is that she emigrated to America when she was young. Not only once, my father told me when I asked about her, she did it twice. But even the second time she of some reason returned to her little village in Sweden again. Nowadays these traveling over the Atlantic Ocean wouldn't be so much to mention, but this was one hundred years ago. I will ask my father and my aunts for more information and continue this story.

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