Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Library and Wes Moore

This place is a favorite of mine. I came here about once a month and read magazines,

and borrow books.

Some weeks ago I read a blogpost by Nelle, at Stone Hill Farm, where she wrote about a Book Club. They had been reading The Other Wes Moore. It caught my interest and I read some more about it and saw some interviews with the writer on the internet. I also decided to ask for the book the next time I visit the library. As expected it wasn't translated into Swedish but they didn't have it in English either.
- Do you think it's possible that you could order it in English? I hesitantly asked the librarian.
- Well, perhaps we can, she answered and I understood that she had to ask someone else. But she took my email. And I must admit that I was very surprised two weeks later when I got a mail from the library that I had a book waiting for me there.

I'm only in the beginning of the book but I like it so far. The story is very fascinating.

Thanks Nelle!


Nelle Somerville said...

Ella I can not wait to tell my book club that we inspired a reader in Sweden. Let me now what you think. What a great story. All the best to you, Nelle

Deidra said...

So peaceful there. I can see why you enjoy it. Your blog is like that library for me...wonderfully slow and unfussy and gentle.

Jill said...

I love spending time at the library as well. It is an adventure...full of new things!