Friday, January 7, 2011

From one Dandelion freak to another

I started this blog almost a year ago but with no intention to get a reader except myself. I already had my other Swedish blog, but I wanted to do experiments and change the design so often and that was a bit confusing for my readers (like my mother) as they didn't recognize it from one week to another.

Than I decided to open up another blog where I could do all this just for fun. I also wrote some poems which also was for myself. But the blog needed a name, I remember that this wasn't easy. I think I got the idea from a photo I had taken earlier, similar to the one still on top of my blog. I am very fascinated of this flower in many ways, will write about that later in another post. But the name in Swedish isn't beautiful. We call it maskros and translated directly it is warm-(the little crawling animal) rose! So I had to check another language and English felt natural to start with. Found out that it was Dandelion, that tasted fine immediately for me. I have no idea how it sounds in your ears but that wasn't important for me than as this only felt like a play at that time. The problem was that www.dandelion was already used by someone else so my address had to be www.mazkros. Sooner I left this blog and almost forgot it.

I wrote on my blog Jaknell but when I read others and went trough comments and blogs I sometimes run into some very nice blogs written in English. I felt very exited the first time I wrote a comment on one of them so I was logged in with my Dandelion account if anything would go wrong . But I was also curious and thought about what would happen if they look for my profile and find my Dandelion blog which wasn't updated. So the only thing I could do about it was to start writing and try to do a blog that someone else wanted to read and get something of even if the language wasn't perfect. That was in May and I felt the same as when I started my Swedish blog that it was like a jump out of a plane with no idea about where I was going to land.

Looking back at this autumn and the wonderful contacts and friends I got, maybe I haven't landed, I'm still in heaven...

About a week ago I found an interesting blog called Tilting At Windmills and read new and old posts. When I find a new blog I also like to read their very first post because I'm curious to know how they all started. This blogger had started to write when she was in a life changing period. But she had a later post that really got me, a photo with a child blowing a dandelion and under the photo a poem by the blogger herself. I wrote and asked if I could put that on my blog and got the permission. Thanks Amy!

Innumerable wishes that by simply being here, makes them feel as they'll come true.
Isn't it bliss? Just remember the simple pleasure of childhood,
when blowing a dandelion's tender, feather-like puff
would make your heart skip a beat as you
waited for some facile,
yet wonderful
wish to


JMW said...

So great to know the story behind your blog! My kids love to pick dandelions and blow the white puffs. :)

Jill said...

Ella, I am so pleased to read how Dandelion came to be! I enjoy our blooming friendship! Your English is amazing and I find it hard to believe that you have an English blog in which you express yourself so beautifully.

In our part of the US dandelions are PLENTIFUL and considered a nuisance yet they ARE so VERY BEAUTIFUL.

The poem is so sweet. I will go visit Amy.

So glad to have found you.