Sunday, January 23, 2011

Me and Ella F

It's time for a confession: My real name isn't Ella!
But it is my nickname and there were some neighbor boys that started to call me that when I was about ten. I'm not so shore that my parents wanted this. But I liked it as it sounded a little tough for a tomboy like me and there were no one else with that name in my village. I had heard the name before and knew that there were a black women with a wonderful voice called Ella. I can't say that jazz was my favorite music by that time but I thought that it was something special about her. So I was pretty proud of my new name which I happened to share with this famous woman. When I got older she followed me somehow and I started to like other jazz-singers like the Swedish singer and actress Monica Zetterlund and later on younger ones like Sade in the eighties and Norah Jones in the nineties.

I have almost been alone with my name through the years, until five years ago! Then parents suddenly started to give small baby girls the name Ella. So now when I cross the schoolyard I sometimes hear a voice calling for me with:
-Hi, Ella!
-Hi Ella, I answer back with a smile to a sweet little girl in a swing.


Jill said...

Really?? That is a great story! I love Ella F as well as Sade and Norah JOnes! We have a teen girl in our village named Ella but that is the only one I know other than YOU!

Ella Fitzgerald has SUCH spunk and is personality PLUS! LOVED watching the video!

patty said...

Ella, my grandmother was named Ella! I was so surprised when it started becoming popular again a few years ago. My middle name is Ellen, after her of course.