Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Angel on Snowmobile

This is the only little glimpse we have of the sunlight this time of the year. If we go somewhere higher like on a mountain we could se more but from my house there are some weeks before the sun gets over the treetops. But the sky has been grey so many days so yesterday, even if it was -16°C I wanted to get out on my skis. Some wonderful person has made this cross country ski runs outside our house and along the river with a snowmobile. I can't tell you how much that mean for a ski enthusiast like me.

It was a bit chilly for the hands when I picked up the camera but I had warm clothes so I wasn't cold. I passed some favorite places where I had taken photos earlier this autumn and I like to compare the photos and see the differences.

Different ways of leaving tracks on the snow.

The Tracker herself in a natural appearance, smiles and thinks that this cold trip gives many warm-feel-good-feelings.


Nelle Somerville said...

Oh my gosh is that beautiful. We haven't had nearly enough snow this year.

Jill said...

Ella, what a wonderful way to enjoy nature and exercise too. Pretty pictures!

Deidra said...

This is beautiful. I love the photos taken in the same spots in different seasons. What a change!

I'd like to hear more about living without sunlight for so long...