Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shame and blessing at the same time

Together around the dinner we were talking about studying far from home. I told my teenagers that I had friends who went to the US when they were about 17 and now when I got children in that age I would never let them go if they had wanted to do it. I can't imagine the feeling of sending them away so far and for a such a long time as about 10 months. I feel so egoistical when I admit it but I wont' t be prepared for this before they are at least 19.

Later the same evening my younger one asked me to read a book for her, but I was occupied reading some blogs so I told her that she was so old that she could read it herself. But then I came in on Deidras post where she wrote about saying goodbye to her daughter on the airport who had been home for Christmas but now going back to another life.

Oh shame on me, I thought, what am I doing, thoughtless stupid me. The time will run away with this little girl too. It wasn't easy to read when I thought about all this because I got blessed tears in my eyes when I was laying there close next to her reading her old favorite book.


Jill said...

Ella, you are SO right and I am guilty of the same...brushing off reading a book or playing a game and THEN, I realize that time goes by SO FAST and soon they will want to live somewhere else...maybe even another country!!!

I MUST play more games and read more books with the kids!


Anonymous said...

i love my reading together times i spend with my children as part of their bedtime routine every night. such a comforting time for us all.