Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Lock and Tulips

Too cold for skiing and maybe also bicycling... but I needed to get out in the sun, I also got some inspiration from Bill in Canada. So on with the clothes and pretend that it wasn't -25°!

This house was built about hundred years ago as a summer Residence for the owner of a company.

When I got out at one o'clock I only saw the sun on the treetops but I know that every week from now on the sun is visible twenty minutes more. When I saw Bill's photos I was wondering about the water on my river. Was it freeze and ice like near my house even closer to the pond.

But when I got there I could se the mist above the water.

December 2010

But the little creek that I got on my photo last december was covered with snow. Being outdoor taking photos or just playing around in the snow without getting snow in the shoes could be a problem.

But my husband found these once and I guess it doesn't sounds romantic but I think it's one of the best things I have got from him. We call them snow lock, I love them though I can use my favorite shoes from September to April.

I told you about my visit to Bill and Canada but I have also been to Maldives today and admiring Kamanas wonderful photos so why not end up this post with a close-up photo of the tulips I bought. It's Tulip Day today but I always buy them this time of the year as a reward to myself for finally getting Christmas out (back to the boxes!) I wish I had made a beautiful floral arrangement like Barbara but this time I only put them in a vase.


Jill said...

Beautiful snow photos but my favorite is the tulips! I love the idea of your rewarding yourself for getting the Christmas things packed away!

JMW said...

Wow, those images are beautiful! I'm not a fan of the cold, but you can't deny the stark beauty of winter. Love the tulips - makes me long for spring! Have a great week!

Deidra said...

So beautiful! I keep reading over your profile where you say you are trying to write in a language not your own. You are doing more than trying, my friend. You convey your message in such a beautiful way. Your words and photos together are a gift!

Ella said...

Thank you all for your warming comments of this chilly post.