Saturday, February 5, 2011


My plan was to write about something else today but when I read Jill's post this morning I changed my mind. She reminded me of how we can catch the moments when there actually is a problem going on, like the bad weather. We haven't got ice storms here, only very much of snow.

This is a problem among many adults but the children are amazing as they only see the possibilities. When my class went to our dried stock they discovered that there were so much snow around it that they could lay back and look up on the trees during our silent minutes.

Some of them have been architectures and built there own house on the schoolyard and it has been growing this week. Every snow lump is important and sometimes there are discussions about who found it first.

When I visited this apartment I found this little bird and a bowl with something in it, maybe food, fruit or candy...

Well, there have been a real problem this week and we are enormously grateful that nobody got hurt. The snow on the roof decided to come down and the protection that would prevent this also came down. But in spite of this I have decided to be inspired of my students and enjoy this time of the year as I know that there will become a spring and a summer later.


Jill said...

Lovely Ella.

Aren't kids SO CREATIVE? They have a village going on in the school yard! And the fun they have building and pretending is very educational!

Deidra said...

I love that first photo. Are those sleds? The pink one is calling to me.

Ella said...

Deidra, they aren't really sleds, we have them on the streets instead of the bicycle. You stand on one of the rockers and kick with the other foot, so we just call it a "kick". I think I have a photo of me when I was very young and put in a special kind of box on my mothers kick, I have to look for it and show you.

patty said...

Hi Ella!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really enjoyed coming over here and looking at your cool snow pics. We do not get any snow here, so it is always fun to see!