Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who wants to meet this team?

When I work with groups I talk much about the advantage of differences in a class, group or a team. I want them to understand the strength of having different abilities and qualities because than we can learn from each other. To make it easier to understand I make up a story about a team in some sport like soccer and ask them what they would think about a team with only forwards.

I do also hope that this is a help in our work with preventing bullying at our school if we accept that the differences are something to be proud of and not a thing to tease on.


Jill said...

Ella, what a wonderful analogy for both YOUNG and OLD! Good for you. And bullying is such a problem in schools too that the kids must be constantly reminded to embrace differences!

Good thoughts!

JMW said...

Well said. I pray that my children will never be victims of bullying. I'm glad to see that more schools are striving to prevent this practice, especially with cyber bullying. Good for you for talking with groups about this. :)

patty said...

Such an important concept for kids to learn. This is a great way to make it real!