Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend plans

Weekdays, weekends, weekdays, weekends...... the time run so fast. Writing this it's still Friday but Saturday nocks on the door and that means that we can continue to follow this drama series that started last Saturday. Bart wrote about it and I thought that it would take many months before it came to Sweden but fortunately I was wrong. My expectations were high but I love the acting, environments and the costumes.

The cold weather has stayed the whole week, this morning when we drove to work it was -22° F but they have promised us only -2°F tomorrow so I look forward to get out for a walk but also watch my girls playing ice hockey, both with training and matches.

I will finish this Friday as a real American and watch Modern Family and I wish you a happy weekend whatever your plans are and wherever you live.


Jill said...

SO COLD ELLA! We never experience such temps here. Hope your weekend is going well.

JMW said...

I've only watched a bit of Downton Abbey, but really liked what I saw. Just so hard to sit down to watch a program when the kids are running about! I LOVE Modern Family - enjoy watching it!