Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You are all my English teachers!

Thank you all my friends!

I had my colleague's class with an English lesson yesterday.
I usually dread and worry for this, but this time it felt different.

I know that I have much to learn.
But thanks to all your blogsites,
and your comments on my blog,
I have beguine to use and practice the language
that I have been studying when I was younger.

My confidence has improved,
and the joy when I was talking English with the students meant so much.


Jill said...

OH GOOD! Ella, I am SO VERY impressed with your English in your writing. You do a wonderful job.

Nelle Somerville said...

Ditto to what Jill said. Well done.

Barbara said...

As I told you before, it is very brave to start a blog in another language. I admire that very much. Maybe I should try it.