Saturday, December 11, 2010

My own island

This was our kitchen last summer. We had decided to do this renovation with a low budget and make the most of it by our selves. We wanted to keep some parts from the old kitchen because it was in good shape even if it has been there since 1966. It wasn't easy with all these demolishing and construction but with a little help from friends and family we were almost ready before the autumn.

This almost has continued and unfortunately still does. There are still moldings waiting for reaching the ceiling. But we have been using this new kitchen so much. I really love it because we can be gathered the whole family baking ore cooking and sometimes just sitting around the kitchen island (please tell me what you call it in U.S) spending time together.

Last Christmas when our families were here we used it as a "food table". Very practically for both warm and cold dishes.

Oh, I haven't arranged this photo, but as you know this blog isn't about home styling. Others do that much better. I don't know what I'm good at, when I visit other bloggers I admire them a lot but I'm so grateful for the response I have got from you who sometimes visit me and are understanding about my lack of good English. I am learning more and more...


Jill said...

I am in love with your checkered is so pretty. I would call your counter an island too.

And, isn't it funny when you have people over that we all gather in the kitchen to talk and eat? Even, when there is a comfortable sofa or chair in the VERY next room!

I enjoy your blog Ella! It is so nice to get to know you better. And, I am VERY impressed with your English! Does your husband and children speak English too?

Deidra said...

Yes. We call it a kitchen island, too. The kitchen is always the place where people gather, isn't it? I think that you are very brave to take on this project yourself. And I love the fact that you're using the kitchen just the way it is right now!

Ella said...

Thanks Deidra and Jill for your supporting comments. Yes Jill, my husband and children speak English to. The youngest one has just started with it at school so she doesn't understand so much but the other two are really good and they sometimes talk English when they don't want little sister to understand them. Here it's only some movies or TV program for small children that they dub otherwise everything is in English.