Friday, December 17, 2010

Handicraft, but not from Santa

Some people show their creativity with writing, others also do it with their hands but not by using letters. My brother is a very handy man. Nowadays he and his partner are renovating an old house but before that he has done so many beautiful things with wood and fortunately I have some of the them in my house. I know that he will continuing this but with a house and toddlers it will have to wait maybe some years before he could to it as a full or half time work.
This bowl is lathed and I like that he only colored the outside.
In Sweden we have handicraft as a subject in school. Everybody has it with wood and fabric/sewing.
So these cute and violent teenagers have done their own aprons at school and the oldest one has also done the felted heart below.
Well, I also have to show you something made by my husband and myself. Some years ago he learned about forging and made these candle holders.

I took a watercolor course and made this and I don't think it's a very good one but I like it because it is a memory. I was in the beginning pregnancy with my third child and didn't feel well, but I had decided to finish this course and this painting.
Finally a sweet little angel made of my colleague and teacher in Wood handicraft.


Jill said...

I love them all Ella!

I love the bowl with the painted outside. My Dad and my oldest son make many things on the lathe. Not too many people have that skill.

I love that your children get that at school too. Great experiences!

Barbara said...

It's all beautiful! I like your watercolor. Don't give up on it because, in my opinion it's the hardest form of art I've ever tried! It seems backward to me, because I began painting with oils I suppose.
You're very talented, and so is your family!