Sunday, October 16, 2011

A tough princess on ice

Have been watching a princess on ice the whole weekend as her team has been participating in a cup. She's the only girl in the team, but she gets along with the boys very well. (When they're training they are together with children who are one year older and than there are two more girls.) Six matches on three days is tough for them, but also for all the parents. Both those who are engaged as the coaches but also all the others who are supporting their children as a great fan club. My daughters team always participate with all players but during this cup they met teams who only came with the best players (children!), which means that the result sometimes became 1-12. Not so funny, but I think that they felt more sad when they lost a match with 3-4.

After all the hours inside the arena it was great to go for a walk together with my husband when we got home. We passed the old bridge which is still closed. They have replaced almost every timber because the condition was so much worse than they thought at the start of the whole renovation.

After that we took care of the ordinary weekend chores as refill the fridge at the supermarket but also return all the recycling packaging and newspapers. It doesn't feel right with all this plastic products but I hope that it is better for the environment that we don't put them with garbages to be burned. 

I know this is a odd question, but I would like to know how you (your state want you to....) deal with recycling packaging and garbages? 


Anonymous said...

no photos of the princess in action?

JMW said...

Cheers to your daughter for her atheletic skills and being the only girl on the team! I bet she kicks ice (ha, ha!). Hope the bridge is finished soon. I can totally relate to how inconvenient that can be. And, for your recycling question, we have a recycling bin and we pay a fee for pick-up at our home each week.

patty said...

Ella, what a trooper your daughter is to play with the boys!! Regardless of the outcome, she is learning important social skills no doubt! Not to mention staying in good shape physically.

We have a big container in which we recycle plastics, all paper and glass. It all goes in together and gets picked up with the trash, which is in a separate container.

I feel there is WAY too much plastic in use - containers, packaging, etc. I NEVER get plastic bags at the store - always bring my own, but some people walk out with 10-15 plastic bags every time. One of my pet peeves!!

ML said...

We separate our garbage. We have a composter in our garden, there I do the organic waste. Glass goes into a separate box and cans and alunimium also. We bring it into containers of the municipality. PET-bottles are collected in the shops für recycling, paper and carton collect the pupils of our school to get some money for their class treasury. Batteries are special waste and should not into the normal waste. Our general waste is very poor at the end.
So, it is a sort of science.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I am pleased for your daughter to play amongst the boys! GOOD for her! Hope she enjoys it immensely!

We recycle aluminum, newspapers and plastics. We live in the countryside so have to transport it to a recycling center in the nearby city. Most people have their recyclables picked up at their home each week.

Don said...

We recycle paper, plastics, and bottles. The city picks it up once a week. We also have a compost bin in our yard to help replenish our soil.