Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm hooked

It's been a long time since I sat down with a handicraft in my knee but my sister was here yesterday and showed us something she has got in her shop now. Both me and my oldest girl became very interested of this. She also brought the bag she had started with and we decided to crochet that model, one black and one grey. This morning I started to think about what else you can do with that fabric yarn and like always, what do you do when you have a question about anything!
- Ask google!
My students always say that to me if we get to a question in the classroom that I don't have the answer for (which is very, very seldom.......)
Back to the subject, I wrote the name Hooked zpagetti, and there it was of course! The web page where I could see other things done with the yarn and what other colors they had. I loved it all, but before I place my self on the couch I have to get out. It is a cold sunny morning here and the frost is left on the grass. It's an enormous pressure on the river because of all the raining this autumn and you who know me, yes I will bring my mobile and probably show some photos on the blog later.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and a great week!

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patty said...

Sounds like some fun projects ahead, just in time for those looooong winter nights!