Monday, October 10, 2011

Hooked for the fall

This post is like a continuation of what I wrote yesterday. I usually don't write so often but I can't wait to share this. I went out and there were still some shady places where the sun hadn't melted the frost from the leaves.

The air felt so fresh and I wasn't alone along the river. Many others had their Sunday walk and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

First I thought it was a flower looking almost like the yellow hawkweed that we call höstfibbla (Leontodon autumnalis) but it was a late flowering Dandelion.

The hot coffee made the mug warm which was pleasant for my cold fingers. 

In the evening I started this crochet project and it was running quite fast as the zpagetti yarn was thick and the needle was big. But that also made it a bit heavy.


JMW said...

Beautiful images! And, are you making a hat or cap? Can't wait to see it. This is my favorite time of year - the landscape is colorful and the air is crisp. Cheers to Autumn!

Ms. Becky said...

Hi Ella!!!
I've been meaning to respond to your email, in fact I made a mental note before I turned out the light last night to do so today, but alas, I didn't write it down so it was out of my mind by morning. but that's alright, because I get to pay you a visit here and tell you how much I love that first photo. we've had no frost here yet, being so close to the large lake, and I always feel so blessed when I see the tiny leaves covered by frost, which you've captured so beautifully. you crochet - I knit. my grandmother taught me to crochet when I was young but I forgot and took up knitting a few years ago. that does look like some heavy yarn, but warm. your photos offer me a glimpse into your world, and that's what I love the most. the stone bridge is a marvel.
the stone placement leaves me with a respect for masons/rock crafters. it's a beauty. I hope you're enjoying your lovely autumn days. happy day to you Ella, my most treasured blogging friend from afar.

Don said...

I like your outlook... beautiful fall.

Gowganda Photography said...

Great fall pictures, lets you know what is coming next. Ella

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I love EACH photo! Charming Ella.

The crocheted (is it a hat?) is wonderful!!! I love the large yarn style!!! Please show the finished product!!!