Sunday, May 22, 2011

The old Bridge

I've always thought there are something special about bridges. They can be small for the little creek or big like  Golden Gate. Some of them are really ugly but many of them shows true beauty. My fascination of them also has to do with the connection they are built for. The bridge above is almost 300 years! It's the oldest bridge of wood in Sweden. They're doing a big renovation on it which started last summer so there have been times when it has been totally closed. That has made us even more grateful to the days, like today, when we can use it for the walk along the river on the other side.

This Sunday has been a taste of summer and there were so much beauty to catch with the camera. This yellow flower, marsh marigold grows on the river banks. We looked for some blossoming Bird Cherry but it seemed to be to early. I love the walking or biking along this way when you can get the scent of all the flowering trees. But....

we suddenly found one that had already started so I jumped in it with my nose and really enjoyed the magic pre-summer moment.


Deidra said...

I love these photos. That bridge reminds me of the movie, The Bridges of Madison County. Bridges fascinate me, too. How in the world do they do that?

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Ella...that bridge is really great and I am glad they are working on it to KEEP it! The flowers are wonderful...I can ALMOST smell them! :)

Barbara said...

So Beautiful Ella! Isn't Spring magical?
Old bridges are magical, too. I love it when a community or state realizes the importance of saving the old. It is our true connection to our History.
Gorgeous post! Thanks.

JMW said...

300 years old - wow! I love old, covered bridges, as well as newer, modern ones that really add to its surroundings. Aren't you thrilled to see flowers blooming everywhere? :)