Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A photo from the other side of the world

This photo gave me a chock when I saw it. Even though I know that the nature in some parts of Canada almost looks like the north part of Sweden, it felt like Bill in Gowganda had been here around my house and taken some great photos. The lake on his photo is of course larger than our river but the leaves on the birches, the grass on the bank looks the same and the Dandelions are coming up. We also had about 22 degrees (C) yesterday!

My photo is too dark and I had no plan to put it on the blog. But I changed my mind, maybe thanks to the sweet encouraging comments I got for my latest post. So this photo became very special because it's possible that Bill and I took our photos the same day and almost the same time because I took it when my H and I was out for an evening walk. (I think we are 6 hour before)

Thanks Bill for letting me borrow your photo!

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Ms. Becky said...

oh my, you've captured the light and serenity so beautifully. I love the glassy surface of the river and the birch buds swelling in springtime. this is lovely Ella.