Thursday, May 19, 2011

Designe in my house

I wish that I could say that the photo above was from our living room as it's representing a style that has appealed to me for a long time. 

When I discovered the blog world I usually only read bloggers who wrote and showed photos about interiors and design. My interests in this subject has been very big, but the older I get, I find it harder to decide what style I prefer so I haven't been writing so much about this myself. Our house has a mix of furnitures that we have inherited and bought and even if I like the most of them, it's nothing to write about. But this post will be an exception.

(a chair I would like to have..)

The designer and creator Nirvan Richter started his company Norrgavel 1993. He has been influenced  of the designer Carl Malmsten and the Shakers. But he has found his own way with the furnitures he have designed. Some of them are painted with egg tempera.

 Nirvan Richter

On a visit to Stockholm more than ten years ago I went to the shop Norrgavel and bought a kind of fabric shelf that I had wanted to have for a long time. We use it for mittens and woolen caps and have it close to the door . But the kids have also placed their bike helmets on it which have worn the linen. I bought a spotted fabric from my sisters shop some month ago and yesterday (finally!) I made two new bags to replace the ones that were broken.

 This is mine!

I hope Nirvan likes it...


Barbara said...

Ella, I like a mix of furnishings. Over the years I've changed our decor many times. A friend once told me, "I don't like to pay a fortune for furniture and then feel obligated to keep it when I change my mind." I like that philosophy because I change my mind frequently.

I can't imagine painting furniture with egg tempera. How does it hold up?

Nice post!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Lovely! You did an excellent job on giving it new life!