Sunday, May 15, 2011

The end for a spruce

To get more light on the plot at our lake house I have wanted to take down this spruce for a long time. I have tried to persuade the rest of the family for years and finally I won. Fortunately the wind was right and the family was gathered to do the work. My H who has been a logger when he was younger used the chainsaw to shed it.

It's always a little exciting to shed a big tree close to houses. But this one landed exactly where he wanted. There were some rot in it but I guess it could have made it for many years. 

Both my teenagers are about to learn loading timber with the tractor and believe it or not but before they were born I also handled this.

The discovery of this lichen on the branches made me very happy, not just because i like lichens. No, this one that we call beard lichen only grows when the air is clean enough.


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

That was a BIG glad your husband knows about such things. I like a LOT of light in the house too. The bearded lichen is very interesting as well. Hope you had a good weekend Ella!

patty said...

Hi Ella, although I am always a little sad to see the end of a tree, I know I would opt for the light as well. Hope this brightens your space with light and warmth!

JMW said...

Glad to see you've added some light and that the tree was taken down safely (I always hold my breath a bit when I see tree trimmers at work - hoping for the best!). It looks like you have a beautiful view there at the lake. :)

Deidra said...

Oh my goodness! We have two pine trees that were killed this fall by pine beetles. They've got to come down. Do you think you and your crew could come over and help us out? :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful to have all that extra light.