Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lost in the forest

My youngest one has started in a group with other children of the same age to learn orienteering. I have done it when I was younger as my father was very fond of this sport at that time. She thought the first meeting was very funny, they played games and ran  in the forest (close to the meeting house).  I really hope that she will learn much about this sport and maybe also try to compete in the future. I like this sport because the whole family can go to the same competition. You just chose to run different courses that is suitable for your age and knowledge.  

While I was waiting for her I walked along the paths in forest behind the meeting house. I have been in the area before but mostly in the winter and with my skis. The paths felt a little different without snow and I had to chose the parts that wasn't to wet.

It was a wonderful evening in the forest but I realized that the time was running out and I had to get back to my daughter. Then I got problem.... which way should I take??? I decided to leave the path and walk through the forest in the direction I thought (hoped...) was the right.  In mine imagination I saw the headlines "Mother got lost while the daughter was learning orienteering!"

But I was lucky and found the way back in time. I even stopped and took a photo of these coltsfoot that had closed their yellow sunbeams for the night. I guess thats the way they handle our chilly nights that can come when it's spring.


patty said...

Ella, so glad you finally have some flowers and the snow is leaving! I don't know much about orienteering, but I have always thought that it sounded interesting and, also, a great skill to learn. Especially for kids. So much healthier and more useful than, say, video games!!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Oh my! That would be a funny thing if the mother was lost whilst waiting on her daughter in this class! Beautiful photos Ella.

Anonymous said...

oh youve still got snow! happy weekend ella!

Gowganda Photography said...

Your blog about orienteering brings back memories of my daughter training. With the help of her trainer and myself (doing what I could) she became a Canadian Junior Champ at a meet near Ottawa, ON. Bill