Saturday, March 3, 2012

My favorite season

Spring winter!
Now it starts, my favorite season of the year. We have had some warm days recently and it has been perfect to build and create snow sculptures. But it's going to be colder so the snow will get crust on the top and you who know me understand that I'm looking forward to be out on my skis. 

The Troll was made of some of my students when we had our last lesson yesterday (Friday) which always is outside with different activities depending on the season and weather. The plan was to be out skating but the ice was looking more like a swimming pool, so I had to change the plan....

Hope your having a great weekend, I am!


JMW said...

Love the troll! We have not had enough snow this winter to even attempt a snowman, although they're now calling for some snow showers tonight. This after we had warm weather and tornadoes the other day. This winter the weather here has been CRAZY! Enjoy your favorite season - have a great week!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

That is the cutest little troll! VERY clever. The ears are adorable!