Thursday, March 15, 2012

From ABBA to Loreen

                                                        Loreen with her song Euphoria

I'm not really sure about if it's always right to compete when it's about artistic performances like  music. But in Europe we have an Event called Eurovision Song Contest that is very big and important for some countries (like Sweden). And last weekend we had our national final to select who we will send to represent our country in Azerbaijan. Almost everybody have some kind of relationship to this competition since they were a child. Both those who loves it and hates it. One of the first memories I've got was the evening when ABBA won in Brighton with Waterloo. That was really something!

I like her whole performance because she doing the powerful dance and singing almost by herself and the special effects are very artistic. Who knows, Loreen is maybe our new export to the musical heaven. 


patty said...

I like it!! Oh, and I have every ABBA song ever written... even the obscure ones. Saw Mama Mia several times - still can't get enough!

joyce said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.....your countryside looks very much like mine does right now...but its starting to feel a bit of spring in the air.

Ms. Becky said...

I love ABBA! but Loreen is a wonderful new artist for me as I've not heard her and I enjoyed watching her video. (I really like her clothes).
this competition is unfamiliar to me too although I believe that perhaps I read about it on blogs last year at this time. I hope Loreen carries the day for Sweden! happy Spring to you Ella. it looks like you have lots of snow...and our weather is very warm here - 86 today. too warm for me. happy day to you my friend.