Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lack of time and snow

Imagine that someone provides you that box of chocolates you have been longing for so long, 
but when you stretches out your hand to take your favorite -
the box disappears! 

That's how I feel right now. We have had a "wonderful" warm and sunny weather this week, but with tooooo high temperatures. The snow is disappearing in front of my eyes and I haven't been out skiing as much as I have wanted to. One more problem is my lack of time to be outside and enjoy the last white spots. 

My lack of time right now also include reading blogs and writing something on my own, but I guess there will be a bit calmer in a few weeks when we have our Easter break. The two photos above were from last weekend when I went out on my skis. I know that we're quite a few who wants the snow to stay at least during April so I have to put up with all happy comments at work like:

- Oh, we can soon be out in the garden if the snow melts this quickly!

But, yesterday evening I got my revenge - ha!
It came three centimeters (about an inch) of snow!

So this is what I woke up to this morning. 

A white beautiful world!

(But the sun is doing her best to destroy it all, the snow on the trees has already vanished, as I've been doing this post, so I have to finish NOW!)


Ms. Becky said...

You are not alone in your feelings about wishing winter would last a bit longer. We've had one of the strangest months ever here. The highs have been in the 80's and 70's F when the normal highs would be around 40 something and there would be snow still on the ground. I've never seen a March like this one. The Magnolia trees, Crab Apples, and Rhododendrons are blooming. It's much too early for me. I'm thrown off by the change. Others like it, but I'm more reserved in my opinion - if we get frost/freeze now it will damage the fruit crops. :(
Your snow photos are lovely. I hope you get more snow and are able to take your skis out again.
happy day to you Ella.

Barbara said...

It has truly been a crazy winter just about everywhere this year Ella. I don't love the snow as you do but it felt strange even here. It's still early though and we are heading into a much more normal week so I'll get a few more wearings out of my boots.

Don said...

I have a fondness for snow too but we don't get it here where I live.
However, I can drive to it ( three hours away) so maybe I will. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Although we have beautiful spring color here...we did NOT have much of winter. I have to admit I missed our snow play this year.

patty said...

Oh Ella, I love your love for snow!! I never thought I missed it too much, but all your lovely images are making me realize that indeed, I DO miss it!!