Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photos everywhere

We live in a world with photos and pictures everywhere. I recently got an invitation from a blog friend to join Pinterest, that is a social photo sharing website. It’s something new to me so I’ve tried to read and understand what it is. I still don’t know if it’s something for me. Please let me know if you have an opinion about it.

I have instead been looking at photos in my own computer and found pictures that I don’t understand how I got them. They are not from my camera. So they must have been photos from websites that I have visited and than they have been saved without my knowledge. I have totally forgotten them!
I started a kind of “clean up” and deleted almost everyone. 

But there was an old black and white photo that sparked my curiosity. I remember that I once was searching for pictures with clothes from the years about 1900. My school celebrated 100 years and we had a day when we dressed up with “old clothes”. So this photo must have been from that occasion when I was looking for ideas, but I can tell you that I didn’t look like these girls that day….

No, I looked much more proper, like this:

As I said, I loved the photo of the girls on the car so much and I wanted to write something about it. I thought about the rights to share a photo on the blog without asking the photographer. (I had my suspicions that he or she could be dead….but then maybe someone else will sue me.... well I'll take that risk)

I saw this little i  in the right corner of the photo! And Hocus Pocus, the title Mack Sennett’s bathing beauties posed on automobile came. So Ella Jaknell Detective No 1 immediately searched for the name Mack Sennett. Maybe you already know him, but I didn’t so it was interesting to know more about this man who have caught my interest about 50 years after his death just because of a photo.

The text I found about this man also included the name of his Bathing beauties, they were Juanita HansenClaire AndersonMarie PrevostPhyllis Haver, and Carole Lombard


patty said...

Wow, that's some fun detective work! And what a cool photo - I love looking at those because they can tell us so much about the times in which they were taken. So fascinating, especially if it was long before our own lives!

Regarding Pinterest, I know I have lots of friends who use it, but I think every single one of them has said how they (quickly) became entirely addicted to it. So it's not for me - I don't need another online thing that can turn into a huge "time-suck"!

JMW said...

Great "old" photo - you look lovely! Pinterst is addictive. It took a while for me to jump on the bandwagon, but once I did, I was "pinning" constantly. You'll find some great images on the site.

Anonymous said...

i am reluctant to go to pintrest because i feel i will get addicted.

Ella said...

A comment on this post came from Deidra (Jumping Tandem), but of some reason that I don't understand it came just to my mailbox and not on the blog. But I want to share it:

This is so fun! I love the way you told the story, and the pictures you used. I clicked on the links to those bathing beauties and found some interesting bits of information.

I like Pinterest. In the very beginning, it was easy to let it take up all my time. But now I just go on once or twice a week for about ten minutes. There are good recipes and craft ideas and clothing suggestions and books to read and blogs to read and... Well. It goes on and on. Let me know if you decide to jump in!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I love that photo too and the information about it. I do not know anything about Pinterest and am resisting educating myself on it. I do not need anything else to take up my time.

Love this Ella! And,you DID look very proper for your dress up day at school.

Barbara said...

I'm warming up to Pinterest now and you take such beautiful photos Ella it would be a natural for you. I'll follow you! I'm on as hammondart.