Friday, March 18, 2011

A perfect day at work

I'm totally exhausted after a day at work but I'm also enormously happy and satisfied.
- This is my best day at school ever, said a ten year old boy in my class just before he left of and went down the slope.

When you're out a whole day you get really hollow. The students had brought their own packed lunch but we also gave them grilled sausages from the school kitchen. I also felt warm and grateful of having such sweet students because one of them forgot the packed lunch at home but she got sandwiches from a friend. I always have some extra with me but I didn't know anything until after and then they were both saturate.

This place were perfect for both slalom skis, snowboard, cross country skis and different kinds of sleds. We had some small accidents but no one serious and that's always a good sign of a perfect day with 60 happy kids (and some teachers!)

Wish you all a joyful weekend!!


Deidra said...

" best school day ever." Wow! Now that is quite a compliment!

rayfamily said...

Sounds like an exhausting success!