Friday, January 6, 2012

Can't let go of the red

The snowing has continued and I'm grateful that we have been home most of the time to take care of it all. It's quite heavy when the plow truck has passed and left a pile of snow on the driveway. But the good thing is that I get some exercise. I know that a lot of people already has put away all the christmas stuffs but I like to have all the red colors around me when it's so white and gray outdoor. Maybe this is a bit embarrassing but I even listened to my favorite Christmas CD for this year when I enjoyed my coffee yesterday. Michael Boblé...what a voice! I have put it away now but I know what I will look forward to when it comes to Christmas of 2012.

We won't take out the Christmas tree until next weekend because the needles are nice to us this year and have stayed on the branches and not jumping down on the floor. I love my red Christmas baubles but I heard that a possible reason that we have them is a bloody tradition from the old nordic heathendom when they sacrificed animals and hanged them in the tree.

I think it's interesting to know the reasons to our traditions as we have a mix from different countries and religions and have developed the customs through the times. It's also nice when friends or families can create a new way of celebrating a feast and make suitable for them. 


rayfamily said...

Lovely photos! I find that I am a little jealous of your snow, we are going to be almost 50 degrees today!! Your candles are beautiful! Happy New Year!

JMW said...

Yes, I was a little sad to put the red decorations away as well. And I was also listening to holiday music just the other day! We've been fortunate though that the weather has been mild and the sun shining. Have a great weekend!

ML said...

I have another explication for the red baubles and the green of the christmas tree.

The green symbolizes hope and life in the dark winter times and the red of the baubles stands for the blood of Jesus Christ, that he spilled for the salvation of the world.

Ms. Becky said...

you're getting lots of snow! we have none for the season so far, which is very unusual. maybe one of these days the skies will open and the flakes will fly. I know what you mean about wanting to hang on to the holiday cheer. my tree is still decorated but I'm thinking that today is the day to take it down. before the needles begin to litter all over the floor! happy day to you Ella.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I love the color in the midst of the grays of winter too Ella. It is cheerful and welcome. Your window is so pretty.