Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rusty words

I'm having some kind of writer's cramp right now, both with my own post but also when I want to express myself in the comments to others. I think the worst is my rusty lack of adjectives. When I want to tell someone that I like their photo SOOOO much it feels like the only word I always use is:


and that word has always given me some very strange thoughts. I guess that the Beau -part is French, but the ironic with the last part of the word Ful is that it means ugly in swedish....

Translating verbs is much easier, the adjectives can mean so many different things to people depending on ages and  where they grew up. I think that there's also a fashion style with adjectives. I remember some years ago when the youngsters here in Sweden beguine to describe things they liked very much as "asom". It was very popular to say it and I didn't understand that word (had never learned it in school...) But I soon realized that it was an English word spelled awesome. When I grew up we used a word that my parents didn't say and it was Cool, but I think it was used like awesome today.

Pop music is a perfect way for children to learn English words as they usually repeat the words many times. A word that every kid here couldn't  have missed is Amazing, because of our music competition this year. I've written before that Loreen won with Euphoria but I think the song Amazing with Danny took the second place. His show with lamps in the clothes was a bit special so if you have some minutes and by the way, I think he also have the word awesome in the text.


Ms. Becky said...

I enjoyed the video - initially I thought the outfits they were wearing were silly but I liked that they glowed in the dark - that added something to the dancing. I've never considered that pop music would be a good way for kids to learn English but I agree - there is a lot of repetition in the words. I love your little toy Vovlo! I drove a red Volvo wagon for years and it was my favorite car ever. It had over 265,000 miles on it when I sold it to a friend for $5.00. I still see it being driven around town, many years later! Truth be told, I run out of adjectives myself when trying to leave comments. Perhaps it's best to simply say..."AWESOME"! But that word has been so over-used it seems. I think whatever you say is just great Ella. happy day to you.

Don said...

Very cool, and awesome, and amazing ...and beautiful!

joyce said...

Sometimes the words you want just aren't within reach, especially if its not your native language! You do so well though, much better than i do in dutch!