Monday, September 12, 2011

Help from the FB friends

It's time for new glasses and I'v been to the optician today. But it's never easy to decide what glasses I will have. I usually listen for advice from the people who work there, because they are very good to see what's suitable for their customers. I always select some couples and bring them home to show the family. Some years ago when I was going to buy a new couple I took them to my work and asked for advice from my colleagues. I don't know if it's common and allowed everywhere to borrow glasses so you can try them on at home. 

When I was looking in the mirror today I got a funny idea! Why don't ask my FB friends for advice. People who have never seen me in real life. So I took some photos and made a post on FB with photos of me with four of my borrowed glasses. Now I must confess that don't have so many friends there, as I have an ambivalent relationship to FB. But I became both surprised and very happy when I got a quick answer from my blog friend Barbra. She gave me her opinion and I really estimated that. I can't stop being fascinated of the fact that I asked my friends at work for advice the last time and now some years later I get opinions from the other side of the world just a few seconds after I have sent the question. 

This is one of them!


Ms. Becky said...

oh Ella, I like them very much!!! I think you look smashing in them. I need new glasses too and it's not something I look forward to, let me tell you. I think your idea was a fabulous one. and I so know what you mean about Facebook. I proceed with caution on that site, and try to keep a very low profile. happy day to you Ella!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Ella. You are LOVELY! Now, I must pop over to Facebook and see the other frames...these are nice looking!

JMW said...

Ella, I like that pair very much! With your complexion, that's a very good fit for you. I wear dark-rimmed glasses, but those seem to work well with my dark eyes.