Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A week with books

My  dear blog friend Jill writes about reading books in her latest post and I have been reading this book recently and planed to write about it and now I got the inspiration thanks to Jill. When I select a book in English at the library I have to check  the language, so it won't be to difficult to understand. The book can be really good but if I have to look for the translation for too many I lose interest. The Tea House on Mulberry  Street was just perfect for me. I did check some words in the beginning but after a while I understood the most and I really loved both the funny, hilarious and romantic parts.

When I was going to the library to return the book my oldest daughter also wanted to read an English book and asked me to get one. But that wasn't easy, so I borrowed seven, so she could have some alternative. I also took The Tea House book again so she could have that if she wanted. She was pleased and started immediately read one of them.

I must confess that I also read books while I'm working and I get paid for it! What a wonderful job I have!  But when I work I usually read books that I can recommend to my students later. My class loves to read and when we sit and read our books it's totally quiet. This week we're reading more than usual as it is the book week. It's the great Final on Friday when all classes will sing together and everybody will be costumed like famous literary characters. Maybe I will be Pippi Longstocking.


JMW said...

How wonderful that everyone will dres as their favorite literary character! I would have to think about that one...so many from which to choose. Jo March? Anne Shirley? Or maybe Elizabeth Bennett? My daughter is learning to read, so it's such an amazing time to watch her grow in her reading. :)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Oh Ella! I LOVE Pippi Longstocking!

I think I will read The Tea House on Mulberry Street. I am so impressed that you read English (of course and you WRITE it so well too!) and your daughter as well!

I should mail your daughter a book or two in English!